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Parking Regulation and Fees


We have 560 Asphalt Parking Spaces at the facility.  During league and tournament play, the parking is $10/day, with in-out privileges. 

Additional "approved" parking will be made available, within the facility by parking vehicles on the grass away from fields in play (overflow) or off site at San Gorgonio High School.  Those parking offsite at San Gorgonio H.S. are exempt from the walk-in fee.

In order to be good neighbors to the surrounding community, please DO NOT park in the residential neighborhoods or on the street.  Unattended vehicles outside of the complex attract car thieves, represent a nuisance to the neighbors and are subject to being ticketed and/or towed.  We ask all guests and attendees to park within the facility or at our approved off-site parking.













Rules and Regulations


Recently Renovated Parking Lot

  1. DO NOT PARK ON STREETS – No parking on Arden Street, Pacific Street, the Elementary School, or vacant lots.  Violators will be ticketed and/or towed.  We want to be good neighbors and its critical we keep the roads surrounding the San Bernardino Soccer Complex uncluttered and safe.​

  2. NO PETs – no exception, which includes fake “service dogs” either.  It is a misdemeanor in the State of California to pass off a pet as a service animal (see, California Penal Code 365.7).  State and Federal law do not recognize “emotional support” dogs.

  3. NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL and NO ALCOHOL on fields during youth soccer events.  Adult soccer events may have a seperate policy.

  4. FOLLOW LEAGUE and EVENT RULES.  Be respectful of others.  Be positive and support your player(s) and understand that we will enforce our tournament and league partner's Codes of Conduct.

  5. CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF.  Throw away your trash and clean up the area around your chairs, which includes picking up nut shells, empty water bottles, etc.

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