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The Official Sports Beverage of the San Bernardino Soccer Complex

Gatorade / The Sports Fuel Company

To better meet athlete needs, Gatorade, with the support of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI), created products backed by the latest sports science, in collaboration with the world’s greatest athletes. 

Each of the products in Gatorade’s portfolio is designed to work individually and target athletic need states around three different occasions – before, during and after a workout or competition. In totality, Gatorade’s portfolio of products goes well beyond its hydration products and includes other foods and nutrients athletes need to power through their workouts or competitions. 



... there was hummel. Founded in 1923, hummel is a Danish footwear and sportswear brand with deep roots in football and handball.

Being one of the oldest teamsport brands in the business, hummel has gone from being German to becoming Danish since the company was founded generations ago.

Previously worn by big soccer teams like Real Madrid, Tottenham Hotspurs, Aston Villa and the Danish national soccer team and today sponsor of some the biggest clubs and players within handball.

Operating in the sphere where fashion meets sports, hummel came storming into the 21st century by re-launching tracksuits from the 1970s and selling these old school styles through fashion shops internationally. Some of these styles became an instant hit with Hollywood celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Pink and Paris Hilton to name just a few.

hummel has always been known for and prided itself in doing things a little differently, with a twist and a bit of Character. Values that apply to the company's numerous sponsorships around the world.

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